We all will agree to the fact that timing is everything when it comes to clicking perfect pictures. One simply cannot underestimate the importance of correct angle and right moment. We can prepare everything from light, scenery to clothing to record an event. We need to accept we need more than planning and skills to pull off spectacular results. The funny bit is we end-up latching onto something that’s equally tangible and worth-sharing, if not what we’d made plans for. This gallery portrays moments of utter foolishness, nature at its humorous best.

These pictures make you feel the pain in a way as if you’re there. You certainly cannot stop hating the photographer for waiting till the last moment to thrill our senses with joy and laughter.

1. Ouch! The feeling of pain hurts everybody the same.

2. Hammock wasn’t in the mood of enjoying a drink.

3. Have you ever seen a family portrait better than this one?

4. Photobombing hasn’t looked this dope. Ever.

5. Getting hit by a cork on Christmas isn’t the kind of wish, gift one hopes for.

6. You’re enjoying ice cream before you know you’re supposed to share it.

7. Saying ‘Cheese’ is old-fashioned, cliche in modern world.

8. You practice it daily before championing the art of ruining a perfect photograph.

9. Wanna ask questions? Take a bath in Champagne, first.

10. Just the right amount of tilt and you are good to go.

11. The moment you realize you are going down.

12. You can have a party with a single can of beer.

13. Let the cat do some skating, people.

14. A smiling face has a limit to expressing joy or hiding pain.

15. Just breathe the fresh ‘h-air’ in.

16. The nightmare of explaining the textbook definition of ‘Epic Fail’.

17. The world can burn down to ashes, I’ve other tasks to do.