When it comes to vaginas, there are an endless number of myths and products that not only aren’t helpful but can be downright harmful. Reminder: It’s not necessary to douche (with anything), it’s not a good idea to insert foreign objects (glitter, fruit, candy) in your vagina, and there’s absolutely no need to shrink or restore your vagina, or cover its natural scent with deoderants, perfumes, or harsh soaps and chemicals.

1. This cringe-worthy product patented by a male chiropractor that supposedly seals your labia together during your period as an alternative to…any normal menstrual product.

2. And this scarily unnatural glitter capsule that’s made to be inserted into the vagina, but should never be.

3. The sexist bullshit thing.

4. This honestly very upsetting product that reflects a long-perpetuated myth.

5. This interesting hypothesis.

6. This bad idea that, honestly, is probably the only joke on this list.

7. This …

8. This bizarre understanding.

9. This cleanse.

10. Both douchey dudes in this scenario.

11. This guy, who needs to retake sex ed.

12. This vintage Lysol product that is wayyy too versatile.

13. This bad, bad, fucked up thing.

14. This “stick” that itself is very unwanted.

15. AND This warning that sadly, I don’t think is a joke